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Swick TV, Appliances, Mattresses and more in Coldwater MI

Make your home more functional and comfortable.

It’s time to finally throw away the outdated appliances and electronics taking up space in your home to make room for the new. Refresh your home’s look with our large selection of new and used appliances, televisions and comfortable bedding.

We don’t just sell we service too. Nowadays it seems like people don’t mind buying things and just throwing them away if they stop working. What a waste of money! If your freezer or stereo stops working, fear not—we service everything we sell!

Affordable home appliance and electronics backed by reliable service:

  • Televisions And Home Electronics – TV’s, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, CD players, and DVD players.
  • Washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, blenders and stoves.
  • Bedding – Mattresses, sets, protectors, pads, bedroom furniture and futons.

“Your Neighborhood Expert”
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